I do not know what the future has in store for me. The future is like a dense dark fog. Not much is seen. Even without knowing the future, one has to plan, right? Even then, I’ve learned that plans and the future don’t often agree.

I saw that when grief came knocking. I didn’t know grief was coming. Grief stormed in my apartment and threw out all the contents of my belief box. I wanted those beliefs back, so I carefully evaluated each belief to place some back in the box. The broken beliefs I had to sweep up and throw them away. No use keeping broken beliefs.

Another problem with the dense dark fog called the future, is that if I do not know where I want to go, then things feel still. As the Cheshire Cat answers Alice’s question, “Well that depends on where you want to get to.” I eventually realized that I wanted career success, and I wanted to be active in the community. I started to make a dream that I wanted to live.

I know now, when plans and dreams are made, to be ready to ad lib when things go different than expected. That is the only way to live. There are no perfect situations in this world. It is just the way things are. The more I accepted this, the more I seem to be at peace with what I have been able to accomplish.