Samuel stares at the wolf. Samuel could see the features of the wolf clearly. The lean wolf has missing patches of fur. The wolf stands as if it is going to fall down in exhaustion. Then Samuel notices the eyes of the wolf. They were not the fierce glare he would expect from a wolf. The eyes are sad and serene. The eyes captivated Samuel. How could a wolf appear so docile? The wolf stopped fifteen feet away from Samuel and just looked at him.

A series of yelps pierce the air from behind Samuel. This scares Samuel and he draws his rifle up to shoot the wolf. Samuel aims for the wolf and pulls the trigger. A poof of snow appears behind the wolf and the wolf does not fall. In fact, the wolf makes no motion as if it was not hit by a high bullet. Nervous about the incoming yelps and yowls coming from behind, Samuel shoots the wolf again. The wolf vanishes with the muzzle flash of the rifle. Stunned, Samuel turns around to face the incoming danger.

Samuel steps up to a tree and peeks around, then his heart breaks. Samantha is lying in blood stained snow with a red wolf standing over her. Several other wolves stand behind the red wolf. Samuel raises his rifle to aim at the red wolf’s head and fires. The red wolf’s head twitches at the impact of the bullet and it falls down to the ground beside Samantha’s body. The other wolves start to flee. Samuel fires some more shots, and he misses any other wolf.

Samuel’s kneels in the snow. He stares at Samantha’s motionless corpse. A slight breeze ruffles her brown and black fur. Samuel closes his eyes because tears blur his vision. Samuel bows his head and takes a deep breath. Samantha is gone.

Then an image swiftly impresses into Samuel’s memory. The image shows that Samantha is right there beside him. Samantha is leaning towards his face, giving him a lick on the cheek. Then the image fades as quickly as it comes. Samuel opens his eyes. Samuel stands up suddenly remembering Spencer. Samuel takes one last look at Samantha and then turns to aid Spencer.