Samuel drives the jeep up a snowy incline. To get to the south forest sector Samuel has to drive through the western forest sector and the high plateau paths.

The snow, the trees, and Samantha stirs a memory within Samuel. Samuel recalls that when he was a young adult, Robby, a mentor-figure to Samuel, took him out to the forest near Samuel’s home town. Robby explained that it was a trip to observe the wild life. In a high position, Robby pulled out binoculars and showed Samuel how wild life behaved. He showed how animals traveled in groups, and they helped each other and depended on each other. After that lesson, Robby pulled out a German Shepherd pup. That’s when Samuel met Samantha. Samuel and Samantha have been together ever since.

Samuel always brings Samantha with him. Everybody loves Samantha. She has a calm and noble temperament. If any other dog annoys Samantha or Samuel, Samantha gives a yip and a snap of her jaws. Samantha is also fiercely loyal.

Samuel finally breaks through the western forest onto the high plateau. A new layer of crystalline snow covers the ground. Untouched. Pure. Innocent. The simplicity of a snow inspires Samuel to be more contemplative. Samantha interrupts Samuel’s mood by whining and pawing his shoulder. Samuel sees Samantha looking very attentively out of the left window. Blood stained snow. At a distance lays an elk carcass.

Samuel presses on the brakes. He observes the elk carcass from the driver seat. The elk had been furiously mangled. The blood started about 100 feet from the carcass.

Samuel pulls out a cellular tablet computer from the glove box. He opens an app where rangers submit reports of attacks around the park. He narrows down his search to his GPS coordinates and pulls up a list of reports. There are reports in the area he is in, but none of them involves an elk carcass. It seems like Samuel is the first to find this carcass.

The attack must have been recent, especially if boss and his posse went through that area just a few hours before. Samuel unchecks the search criteria to local areas and he does another search specific to recent attacks. If there had been other attacks, then this elk carcass could help provide the direction in which the wolves would be going. One report appears in the search.

The one report is dated a couple hours ago. The submitter is Wyatt. Wyatt is the type that wants to become a leader quickly. Samuel opens the report and reads quickly. Wyatt reported that there had been a wolf attack on a deer. That attack location was several miles away, and it was close to the rendezvous.

Samuel looks to Samantha. Samantha matches his gaze with an inquisitive look. Samuel reaches backwards to grab the rifle and he then leaves the jeep with Samantha. Before Samuel moves to look at the carcass, he looks all around him to see if he can spot any wolves. He does not see any. Samuel checks the ammunition on the rifle, slings the the rifle over his shoulder, and walks over elk carcass.