The sunset rays stretch across the sky as Samuel returns to his apartment. Samuel wants the day to end. The day has been annoying.

Samuel parks his jeep in the driveway of his apartment and for a brief moment he thinks he sees movement around the corner of the apartment building. Samuel goes to check out the side of the apartment. When he reaches the spot where he saw movement, all he sees are trees, bushes, and spotless snow. He shrugs it off and goes up to his apartment with Samantha.

Samuel enters his apartment and makes dinner for Samantha and himself. As Samuel eats, he pauses. He tries to wind down from the events of the day, but he can’t. Thoughts of frustration and anger run back and forth through Samuel’s head. He just can reconcile the angry thoughts. He wishes that the bad would just end, and leave him alone. Samuel finishes dinner and then heads to bed.

Samuel stands alone in a dark mist. Wispy tails teasingly dance back and forth in front of Samuel. The tails invite him to do something. Samuel does not want to go back to where he came from. He needs to go forward. Yet Samuel hesitates. He does not know.

Samuel makes up his mind and does start walking forward. He has to get to his destination, and it seems like the mists are signaling which way to go. A shape appears in the mist; it looks like a guardrail. Samuel reaches forward to grasp it, but it dissipates immediately. Samuel takes another step.

Barks pierce the air. Those barks belong to Samantha. The barks are evenly paced and loud. Samantha is trying to get Samuel’s attention. Samuel calls out for Samantha to come. She does not come, and she continues to bark. Samuel thinks the barks right in front of him, so Samuel takes another couple steps.

As Samuel is walking forward, he hears another sound. A small rumble. Slowly it grows louder. It is an avalanche. Fear grips Samuel’s legs and he can not move. He does not know what to do. He cannot go back, yet logic tells him to not go forward. The sound of the avalanche becomes deafening. Samuel shuts his eyes and braces for the avalanche to come.

Samantha paws Samuel’s face. Samuel opens his eyes and Samantha whines silently. Samuel sits up and puts his head in his hands. It was just a nightmare. Samuel takes a couple of deep breaths to calm himself. Nothing to worry about.