The following day, Samuel and Samantha are driving down the snowy path with a fellow ranger named Spencer. Spencer pulls out some Pokémon cards from his coat and examines them. Several more wolf attacks were reported in the North forest sector.

Spencer reaches over from the passenger seat to show a card to Samuel. Spencer explains that the card is part of some generation, and it comes with new special powers to change the game just a little bit. That’s what Samuel hears at least.

Samuel smiles and acknowledges the card. Spencer pulls the card back and admires the design of the monster. Samuel’s interest in the card is very little, but he allows Spencer to look at the cards. Spencer is a better person to keep around other than Wyatt.

Samuel stops the jeep and they start a patrol. They walk off the main path into an area thick with trees. The visibility is very limited. Hard crusted snow cover the ground. Small twigs and saplings stick out from the snow. Each step results in a series of crackles like when someone twists around to get some cracks in their back. The air is still, cold, and nippy.

Samuel and Spencer are carrying rifles, and they stand about 30 paces apart. Samuel and Spencer are to find any wolf tracks. As they are walking, Spencer keeps on talking about the Pokémon cards. That’s what he likes, so he can talk about it. Samuel tries to show interest.

Suddenly, there’s a loud wood crack, a crumble, and a shout. Samuel spins around in the direction of Spencer and starts running towards him. Spencer lays unconscious with a pile of snow and a thick branch on top of him. Samuel dives at the snow to dig Spencer out. Once Spencer is clear, Samuel pauses to see how Spencer looks. Samuel spots some movement in the corner of his eye. A large grey wolf is slowly walking towards Samuel.