The small man reaches into is right front pocket. He pulls out the inside of the pocket, and he flips the inside of the pocket around in his hand. Almost dismally, the small man frowns. He was expecting there to be something in that pocket. Maybe a doggy treat. No, he wouldn’t be wanting a doggy treat. That was supposed to be a metaphor. Anyway.

The small man leaves his right front pocket turned out and then reaches into his left front pocket. He frowns as he pulls out that pocket as well. He gives that pocket a flip in his hand. Nothing there other than the inside of the pocket. No doggy treat to be found for the puppy pug dog.

“I need something…” whispers the small man. He paces up and down the subway car. The small man walks by the tall man. The tall man is standing next to the door of the subway car. The tall man is ready to step out of the subway car. The small man passes the tall man several times as he paces the subway car.

“What do you need?” the tall man asks a moment later.

“What do you mean what do I knead?” the small man stops and faces the tall man.

“You know, need?” the tall man glances to the side.

“Dough?” questions the small man.

“Doh? Excuse you.”

“Thank you.”

The small man turns away from the tall man and walks down the subway car again. The pug dog just can not figure out what he needs.

The tall man is still facing the subway door. It has never opened the whole time while the small and tall man were on the subway. The sea horse is just floating there facing the glass of the aquarium. Nothing happens. Something should have happened. The tall man isn’t sure what should have happened with the door, but he knows that something should have happened.

“Needs…” whispers the tall man.

“I need something…” mumbles the small man.

“Maybe knead some dough…” says the tall man slyly.


“Knead some dough at the shop?” the tall man speaks up.

“That could possibly work.”

“So do we need to knead some dough?” the tall man asks the small man.

“Why would we possibly want to do that?”

“Why not do that?”

“Because the dough has been kneaded already.”

“So we don’t need it.”

“Correct, someone else kneaded it.” concludes the small man. The small man paces back to the end of the subway car then turns around and stops. He leans on the back of the subway car just staring forward.

The tall man steps away from the subway door ostensibly confused, because the subway door still hasn’t opened. He walks down to the end of the subway to talk with the small man.

“Did they get it cooking?”

The small man pauses before responding. “Who get what cooking?”

“The other people. The dough.”

“Ah yeah it’s real trouble.”

“Oh, that’s good. Because if they didn’t it would still be dough.”

“Yup, still there”.

“Sweet” says the tall man as he turns around and walks back to the subway door. The tall man then sits next to the door, instead of facing the door.

The small man and the tall man almost whisper in unison. “I still need something.” The tall man stands back up again to face the subway door. The small man leans off the back of the subway, and he reaches to his out turned pockets. He forgot they were still out turned.

So the small man reaches into his empty back pockets. “Ah… nothing there.” The small man slowly paces the length of the subway car.