The tall man and the small man ride the subway. Both of them sit next to each other. It’s like the sea horse and the pug dog finally decide to do nothing. They have been riding for a while and there seems to be no apparent stop. The tall man worries that he missed the signal to get off a long time ago. The small man is not worrying at all. There is no point to worrying.

Suddenly, the small man stands backwards on the chair. The tall man jolts in surprise.

“What are you doing?” says the puzzled tall man.

The small man responds holding a left hand to the ceiling of the subway car. “I’m thinking.”

“What are you thinking about?”


The tall man inhales. “Of course you are thinking thoughts… What are they about?”

“About my brain…”

The tall man rolls his eyes. “Oh, is that so?” The tall man turns to face the front of the subway car.

The small man continues to stand on top of the chair backwards. He shifts his balance from one foot to the other. It seems like a small pug dog that’s anxiously waiting for a doggy treat, that turns out to be broccoli. The pug dug doesn’t know about the broccoli yet though.

The tall man turns towards the small man. “Do you have to be standing on top of the chair?”

“Of course I do.”

“Sit back down.”


The small man turns around, steps off the chair, and sits down. The pug dog was disappointed because he didn’t want to eat the broccoli. The only thing that a good pug dog wants is a proper treat.

Then in a swift motion, the small man stands up again on the chair facing forwards this time. The rubber heel of the small man’s shoe squeaks loudly against the hard plastic chair. The small man points on his right hand an index finger and a thumb upwards.

“Wheels!” yells the startled tall man. “What is it now?”

“Still thinking…”

“Thoughts that are about your brain, I got it… what is running through your brain?” The tall man hopes the small man can answer.

“Neurons I believe…”

“I. Give. Up.” the exasperated tall man exclaims. He folds his arms and turns away from the small man.

The following scene can be shown like a sea horse sticking his face out of a small stream, and a pug dog is at the shore of that stream still waiting for a doggy treat.

The tall man turns around to look up upwards to the small man. “Why won’t you tell me what’s going on?” The small man is still pointing an index finger and thumb upwards.

“I think you would not understand it sitting down.” says the small man hesitantly.

“What does sitting have to do with it?”

“It has everything to do with it.”

“How so?”

“It’s a standing principle.”

The tall man narrows his eyes and frowns to scowl at the small man. The small man shrugs. This was like the pug dog slobbered in the sea horse’s stream.

“Well if you say so.” The tall man concedes, and he stands on top of the chair looking forwards. The small man reaches for the tall man’s left hand and points the index finger and thumb upwards. The small man then resumes his posture. The sea horse and the pug dog decided to be a pair of scarecrows for a moment. Except there aren’t any crows.

After a minute exactly, the tall man widens his face as he realizes the point of standing on top of the chair with his left hand pointing upwards. “Oh, I think I get it now” the tall man whispers.

“See?” asks the small man.

“Yes, I see.” the tall man responds quietly.

The small man is the first to move. He lowers his hand and he sits down satisfied. The tall man follows him ponderously thinking.