The tall man walks up and down the subway car as if he was in a derby on the subway. Back and forth, back and forth all over again. His feet make a rhythm. Step, step, step, and swish with an about face. The tall man doesn’t win the derby

The small man sits staring intensely out the window of the subway car for a cat to appear. His eyes start to haze over, and his mouth slightly drops. The cat never appears.

The tall man pauses beside the small man and asks hopelessly, “Do you remember her?”

“What?” replies the small man looking towards the tall man. He wasn’t paying attention.

“Do you remember her?” the tall man asks again.

“Who?” replies the small man quizzically.

“The woman that came into the shop last week.”

“There were several women that came into the shop. Which one?”

“The one I talked to!”

“You never talk with anyone. I would remember if you talked with a woman.”

The tall man stops to think. The muscles in the tall man’s face scrunches in concentration, then relaxes like he enjoyed a sweet delicious milkshake after a brain freeze.

“She was beautiful” starts the tall man.

“‘Beauty is in the eye of the beholder’” quotes the small man.

The tall man ignores the comment. “She even looked at me!”

“She probably didn’t pay attention to you.” chides the small man.

“What more could I have done?” continues the tall man.

“Nothing.” says the small man blankly.

“I should talk to her again.”

“You probably scared her! And she will never come back to the shop!”

“I’ll walk up, and say hi. No, I’ll say hello!” dreams the tall man.

“She probably won’t acknowledge you. Maybe even ignore you. Walk completely past you!”

“She inspires awe in me!”

“She won’t have awe in you.”

The tall man snaps to attention. He looks around and realizes he is in a subway car, and he remembers what he was doing.

The tall man leans slightly towards the small man. “Did you say something?”

“Oh, nothing…” says the small man dismally.

“You still do not remember her?”


“The woman.”

“I don’t remember the woman.” the small man repeats.

The tall man sits down across the isle from the small man. He looks down to the floor and the small man returns to stare out the window.